As a college student, I always find myself trying to be fashionable but functional. As we all know, the most common struggle of being in college is money. One of the things I’m most passionate about and will show everyone on this blog is several do it yourself, or “DIY”, crafts. DIY is the fun and easy way to create something you find in stores for double the price. It not only saves you money, but it also gives you a chance to create something of your own. I have a passion for this lifestyle we live and I hope to cover every aspect of it in this blog. From being fashionable, cooking a good meal, to knowing all the hacks to life, I hope to share life tips that have learned along the way.




Hey y’all! My name is Taylor Rogers and I’m here to help you succeed as a college student. I hope to make this a guide for that struggling gal (or guy) trying to eat well, look good, have some fun, explore new things and just overall survive this crazy journey in our life we call college. Whether you’re a new fish in this huge ocean or a senior ready to get your life started, there’s always room for improvement. I feel I have so much to offer in every area while I am still growing and learning every single day.