Goodbye for now


(this photo was taken from this website)

The end is near and all I can say is, “Wow! Already?!”. Throughout this semester, this blog was been the most stressful yet the most fun and rewarding thing I could have done for a class. The thing I enjoyed most about my blog was it was 100 % me. Making a blog like this was something I’ve always wanted to do but never found time to do it. Now that I had to do it for a class it has benefited me even more. I have so much more knowledge under my belt about a number of things most bloggers would know nothing about. I never thought I would be become such an expert blogger and be able to put all these ideas in my head into illustration.

Using twitter for pretty much everything was interesting because I had so many of my friends ask me, “What the heck is FDOM?”, (since we had to hashtag that for everything), it gave me a chance to explain the class and what that particular project was about, and more often than not it really interested people. It made me feel good as well. While some people are complaining about math or science problems they dont understand, I’m over here tweeting my locations with pictures taking funny videos, and blogging some of my favorite topics. Some would hardly call that a class, though, looking back on everything I’ve learned, I’ve realized its going to benefit me greatly in the future. Especially with my major being Advertising, I’l already have a good understanding of the social media and digital world. If I could improve one thing it would be my writing style. I believe I’m very creative and have so many ideas, but I have a hard time putting them on paper and making them sound professional. But something I dont lack is being passionate. Being able to do all these different projects and learn so many things, I’ve developed a huge passion for it all. With my creative mind and knowledge of the new world we live in, I feel I can only go up on the meter of success in the future.

Huge thank you to Professor Zmikly and Kimberly Cook for being patient with all their students, believing in us, and always doing everything with a smile on your faces! Us students wouldn’t be able to be as passionate about this course if it wasn’t for the instructors rubbing off on us.


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