DIY lighted Christmas tree

Hey y’all!! So as you can tell I’m super obsessed with all things Christmas and I can’t seem to stop adding more and more decorations to our house. As I was scrolling through Pinterest like I do pretty much everyday, I came across this idea!


It’s an alternative wall Christmas tree!

Whether you don’t have enough time, money, or room for an actual tree; this is the perfect idea!

All you’ll need is some string lights that you might have laying around your house wondering what your going to do with them (thats what we did) and a couple tacks or nails. Personally, I found tacks to be a lot easier considering this took us a very long time to finally get it even.

  • You start by finding the middle of the lights to make the point of your tree. You’re going to want to do this with another person so it’s easier to get it even.
  • You’ll use the lights to measure how big/wide you want the tree to be. For example, we started out with 2 bulbs on each side for the first branch, went in 1 bulb, went out again about 3 bulbs, and so on. You want to make sure you use the same length on each side.
  • Once your done, you nail it one last time and let it hang down to make the tree stump. And Viola! You’re done. Your very own lit up Christmas Tree.
  • We also added a Santa hat on top since we didn’t have a star or anything, but y’all can add your own flair to it too!

(For more ideas of different wall trees check out this site!)

But of course, knowing me, I wasn’t going to not have a Christmas Tree up. So thanks to my roommate, she brought an old Christmas tree and ornaments she already had and we put it right on up!


And there it is! What is more beautiful than a lit up Christmas tree? Not much. (Oh, and say hello to our house cat, Firby) She insisted on making an appearance on the blog today!

Happy Holidays Y’all!


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