It’s only November…

YES it is only November… but I couldn’t be more excited for Christmas time!


Food•Family•Decor•Winter•Big Sweaters•Hot Chocolate•Christmas Lights

Just a few of my favorite things about Christmas– but one of the things I enjoy the most is, of course, decorating!

So, took it upon myself to get a head start on getting my house into the holiday spirit!

So I took myself over to my favorite store in the world, HOBBY LOBBY, and went. crazy.

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Now, as a college student, I know how hard it is to have a love for decorating & the holidays, and still stick to a budget. And thats what I love about Hobby Lobby. Just about always they are always having sales. So getting to knock off half the price on a couple of these things really saved me. Also, going to stores like Walgreens/CVS/Target even the Dollar Store, you’re guaranteed to find amazing decor and accent pieces for any holiday or occasion.

Venture here for coupons for half off Christmas Decor and other items at Hobby Lobby


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