Channeling my inner Interior Designer

Ever since I started college and got to live on my own, I’ve developed more and more of a passion for Interior Design. Although, moving into a different apartment each year (this year being the third), it’s quite enjoyable to me to be able to start fresh with some new ideas. Since moving into my new house here in San Marcos, I’d have to say its my favorite one I’ve decorated so far. I feel I have a lot of talent when it comes to decorating and a pretty good eye for what is supposed to go where and what flows right with the proper environment. So I decided to share pictures and techniques with how I started from the ground up with my new place.


So here is the first thing you see when you walk into my room. Of course the main part of your room is going to be your bed so you want to make it look cozy yet elegant. (#1 tip my mom always taught me, never leave the house without making your bed). You want to have a few basic colors that go together yet contrast well that you can incorporate throughout your whole room. To be completely honest, I bought my bed spread/decorative pillow, flower painting and lamp all separately and they ended up looking perfect together. I love how the blue painting brings out the blue in my little decorative pillow.

  • Duvet cover and lamp: Tuesday Morning
  • Decorative pillow: Target
  • Painting: World Market

Something else I really enjoy having around my entire room are pictures. I LOVE pictures. I think having a ton of pictures of my friends and family really adds a ‘homey’ feeling to your room. Not to mention their always great memories to look back on. You’ll see what I’m talking about in these next few photos. 


Here is a view of my desk area and of course, there it is- a bulletin board full of pictures. A mirror over your desk is something perfect to have to tie your whole room together, or even a little space like this. Unlike some people, I actually use my desk to do homework and school related assignments, but I like to spruce it up a little bit and make it an enjoyable work space. Adding more picture frames, a vase with flowers and even some desk essentials will really make this space complete. Another bulletin board or dry erase board is also always good to have by your desk so you’re updated with any upcoming assignments or events you need reminding of.

  • Mirror and picture board: Hobby Lobby
  • Half bulletin board/half dry erase board: Target
  • Hanging full length mirror: Target


And here is the partial view from my bed. Now to me, a TV is essential. I’m a huge TV/Movies/Netflix person so I’m all about a TV. I put a shelf above my TV for more space to display pictures and any other decorative items you might not have space for. And again, more pictures. We had this stand up frame in my house in Houston, for YEARS and no one ever touched it or even bothered to put pictures in it. So I decided to adopt it and its been the greatest addition to my room!

  • Shelf: Garden Ridge Pottery


Last but not least: another one of my most treasured things in my room is my jewelry display. I absolutely love jewelry and love collecting it even more. If you have as much jewelry as I do, I suggest you invest (or make yourself!) something like this to display/organize your jewelry. It’s perfect because not only is it organized, but you have a good first look at everything you have.

  • Both jewelry displays: Hobby Lobby

So there you have it! My new and improved room. I hope I’ve inspired and given tips to anyone looking to spice up their decorating skills a little bit. It’s all about learning and trying new things so don’t be afraid to go out there. After all, its YOUR room. Make it your sanctuary.

~Want to know where I get some of my inspiration from? check out


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